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Noelle Newell

I write about art, architecture, design, and culture. After years of practicing interior design, I find writing a more inclusive way to share my passion for the arts with a larger audience. I seek to learn how people who work in the arts come about becoming artists and creators. I’m motivated by art, beauty, and travel. I find beauty in the Fibonacci sequence found in nature or art by innovative painters such as Bonnard, Vuillard, and Le Nabis, the painting movement they co-created, and in painstakingly restored historic buildings like L’hotel de la Marine in Paris.

I was always drawing as a child and wanted to be an artist, but for reasons beyond my understanding, I heeded the advice from concerned adults who convinced me that a career as an artist was not a viable option. I came back to them with the idea of pursuing a career in interior design as a practical way to appease the apprehension of grown-ups around me and my need for creativity. Perhaps then what they said had some merit.

My interest in architecture, interior design, and art was initially ignited by international travel as a child when I visited places dramatically different from my native New Jersey. I appreciated the architectural contrasts, the pointed arches, bulbous domes, and colorful tiles of Isfahan, and the Spanish architecture of Old San Juan. Later - and over decades - I have traveled extensively, particularly in France. Through travel, one experiences the familiar through a different lens. The simple pleasure of eating an apple becomes artful when its peel is presented as a rose. After the loss of my mother, it inspired me to leave a plum job with the prestigious architectural firm of David Scott Parker in Southport, Connecticut, to embark on my own and to write and raise my son. I have multiple artistic forms of expression, and I'm not limited to one. I manage to squeeze in watercolor painting when I can. Regardless of the concerned adults who unwittingly misguided me, the artist in me prevailed.

I earned my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Curry College and my AAS in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After college, I studied at the British Institute of Florence (Art History ) and at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London (Decorative Arts).

I live in Connecticut with my husband and son when he is home from university.

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