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Noelle Newell is an interior designer. Interior design is the fine art of living. It is about cultivating refinement and beauty. She creates an interiors that are reflective of her client’s personality and needs. The design process of decorating one’s home should bring as much pleasure as the end result of a finished interior. If the home is aesthetically pleasing it will bring harmony to one’s life. Her approach to design is inspired by her travels, Fine Art and nature. She loves to mix the new with the old. Perhaps, it’s a contemporary painting with an antique chest of drawers. She has intuitive sense of color and an inner vision to see a room’s possibilities.

The spark of interest in Interior Design started at the tender age of four when her parents started to take her places near and far. Some places radically different than her childhood home in New Jersey. She was impressed by the architecture of old Persia and the use of the color blue. An unpleasant banana boat ride gave way to the tropical splendor and delight in colonial architecture of Old San Juan. She took note of the beautiful terra cotta roofs. At home she savored a picturesque North East autumns with their bounty of color. She is fond clapboard colonial homes of New England. During her colleges years and beyond she became enamored with Europe and in particular with France. Her parents showed her the way to decorate with treasures one finds while traveling. Now, she finds the pen is another way to share her zest for interiors and all that goes into an interior.

She has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Curry College and AAS in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After college She studied at the British Institute of Florence (Art History ) and at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London (Decorative Arts).

She lives with her husband and son in Connecticut.

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