George Perendia
Joined Meer in October 2015
George Perendia

After an early start in the mid 70’s as a conceptual artist with exhibitions of graphic works such as one based on the performance “Einstein on the Beach” by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson in 1976, I undertook trainings at an art college gaining a degree in Fine Art. As an artist, I have taken part in several individual and group shows at galleries including London Riverside Studios and The Foundry in London, Phoenix Art Centre in Exeter and The Contact Gallery in Norwich. More recently, I started a series of paintings directly inspired by contemporary experimental music and also continued my early cooperation with the music and sound creators too.

In mid 90s I gained an MSc in area of Computer Graphics software engineering with my dissertation work on development of visual grammars for computer modeling of Cubist art style, and later on, also read on sociology and its applications in design of architectural and urban spaces. The later study resulted in developing several design proposals for public memorial spaces in major cities such as New York.

I am currently an economic analyst and a researcher in area of stochastic phenomena and their implications for economics and human behaviour. Upon gaining my 2nd masters degree, in area of economic forecasting, I also completed a doctorate and I am currently working on a variety of applications and projects in that area too.

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