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Daniel Gauss

Daniel Gauss is a native Chicagoan who attended the University of Wisconsin (BA) and then Columbia University (MA). He has worked in the field of education and the social services his entire adult life, forswearing the profit-driven world for a life of service. He has spent most of his adult life in New York City and has lived in four different boroughs of the Apple. As well as working in New York City, he is proud of the ten years of volunteer work he did for the homeless and hungry in Manhattan at the Friends Shelter, located in a Quaker Meeting House near Union Square. When opportunity presented itself, he moved to the megacity of Shenzhen, China where he has been teaching English and other subjects to Chinese students. He has tried very hard to be a bridge between the cultures of the US and the Peoples Republic of China and hopes to do great things for the people of both societies.

Daniel Gauss has written for a number of notable magazines and websites dealing with art, film, education, culture, progressive religion, mythology and the environment. He is also the author of a book for English learners called: New York City Sucks, but You’ll Still Wanna Come Here. He is known for creative and insightful writing and takes pride in producing quality and engaging work that people actually enjoy reading. In his art reviews he looks to support unheralded or up-and-coming artists and is known for writing about anything he finds meaningful and noteworthy, not just the “big guys”. He will, however, cover the “big guys” as well as those who do exceptional work in relative obscurity (like himself). Lately he has begun having children’s poetry published and would like to branch out to more creative writing if he can come up with concepts that will move, motivate and enlighten others.

Values are important to Mr. Gauss and this is reflected in his writing. There are no negative art reviews and positive, pro-social values are actively promoted. He is interested in issues of personal self- development and social justice as well as examining causes for and solutions to the current environmental crisis. His hobbies include the usual past-times of most inveterate urbanites, including art galleries, museums, opera, classical music, jazz and blues clubs and anything out of the ordinary and stimulating. In Shenzhen he especially enjoys mountain hiking and wandering through the immense parks in the city.

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