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I was born in a small Italian province of Emilia-Romagna, Ferrara, where I followed my main studies.

After obtaining a law degree, I attended the University of Padua and Reims, where I obtained the qualification for the profession of lawyer.

After practicing this profession in my hometown, for a really short time (just the period necessary to understand that that road was not mine), I decided to change my path and I moved to Paris, to start a new phase of professional and personal experiences that would profoundly change me. In the French capital, I immediately came into contact with groups of young intellectuals and writers who allowed me to explore and learn more about the universe of literature across the Alps. Anne most of all, my sweet friend Anne, now a successful writer, and at that time my co-tenant with her head in the clouds, made me fall in love with literature and Charles Juliet. Since that time, I have developed my great passion for writing.

France, my life path and, later, my job, would help me. In fact, employed by a multinational in the energy sector, I had the opportunity to travel and live for long periods in distant places. Which I could never have done alone.

Many of my texts, therefore, find their inspiration in the trips to Africa and Latin America. The deserts and forests crossed, during many intense and important work days, have left an indelible mark on the white sheets of paper filled by a manager who often wanted to be and remain a simple and curious traveler. In particular, Algeria, Mali, Libya, France and Russia, where I lived, have been important sources of inspiration for many articles published in both Italian and foreign magazines.

The story of my novel, Il Francobollo dell'Avenida Flores, published in 2011, takes place between Mexico City, Paris and Scotland, and it was born, slowly, in the gloomy and rainy Parisian evenings, up there, on the roofs. The cities of my life, the love for my dreams.

Traveling and the people I met would have been the center of gravity of the desire to try to write and share the beauty of the world in which we live. Always. Also for this reason, since November 2012, I have been collaborating with BioEcoGeo, a bi-monthly ecology magazine, in which I had some pages dedicated to the colors of nature. Thanks to Iris, with her flower name. My photos accompany the texts, as I also have this passion.

I collaborated with FerraraItalia, Omero writing school in Rome and with the Italian newspaper in Moscow, Mosca Oggi. A red line, mine, connects Ferrara, Moscow and Rome.

I always love to deepen my knowledge of writing techniques, being able to involve readers already loyal (and not), more and more. I try to do it, day by day.

The world, its art, its nature, its beauty, its history and culture guide my fast and agile pen, in a continuous, and almost spasmodic, search for words and images.

I love life, its colors, its continuous surprises.

My dream would be, one day, to live only by writing. Every great journey begins with a step.

The desire to share with readers the beauty of the universe remains for me the real reason for the search for the most suitable words to describe an often indescribable wonder. Because, like Prince Miškin in Fedor Dostoevsky's Idiot, I also think that beauty will save the world.

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