Gloria   Habes Hsu
Joined Meer in June 2015
Gloria Habes Hsu

So, let me ask you a question: How do you make sense of (contemporary) art? The truth is, even as a Ph.D. in experimental Chinese art I often find one sometimes needs a little help when it comes to truly understanding it all. That’s where I come in. Not that I’m the expert, nor do I always understand an artist’s oeuvre myself but one can always try. By talking to the artist (actually more listening rather than blabbing myself) I sometimes make loose ends meet and suddenly the pieces fall into place. This tingly feeling comes over me when I write my articles, knowing that I have come to new insights that suddenly help me make sense of art, the artist, and the world we live in. Even if it’s just a glimpse.

You know, in the end it all seems to come down to human feelings, experiences and connecting with one another. I sincerely hope that my writings will do just that: help you make the connections. Not only with art but more importantly with your own thoughts and ideas.

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