Naniso Tswai
Joined Meer in April 2015
Naniso Tswai

Naniso is a Berlin based author. Born in apartheid South Africa in 1980, he has always been fascinated by the politics and architecture of society, which led him to complete a BA (hons) in Sociology in London, followed by a Masters in International Relations, and then finally a PhD in political science (Australia). His principal academic areas of interest lay in social theory, political philosophy, reconciliation, transitional justice, postcolonialism and issues of identity. These interests collided in his PhD dissertation which focused on discovering the role of religion in transitional justice. His work is strongly embedded in the broader issues of justice and peace, particularly as these relate to human rights and identity. Over the past five years he has shifted his focus from academic writing to fictional writing, this has come in the form of short stories and novels. Naniso is also a Spoken Word performer, an artistic outlet which allows for a specific form of expression to a diverse audience.

Articles by Naniso Tswai

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