Fernando Velázquez
Joined Meer in April 2015
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Fernando Velázquez

Fernando Velázquez is a cybersecurity professional, quantum computing practitioner and writer.

He is the author of several articles on general Information Security topics and Quantum Computing.

Fernando has developed his work in designing/implementing secure computational environments and overalls, the detection/mitigation of advanced persistent treats.

He is also focused on providing privacy and security for vulnerable populations around the planet.

Prior to 2015, when he came to write for Wall Street International/Meer, he had developed materials including: Surveillance Counter-Measures / Protecting Privacy from Cyber-Intrusions, and taught as well, specialized training on Infosec matters for a wide variety of enterprises in LATAM, EMEA regions.

Fernando has been broadly educated by many significant Security firms as RSA in Herzliya, Israel, ESET in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Niksun Inc. in Princeton, United States.

He is currently leading a new project based on Quantum Computing and Offensive Security, which started with the publication of his e-book Introduction to Adversarial Quantum Computing in Practice using Qiskit, available at Amazon.

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