Solomon van Blokland
Joined Meer in April 2015
Solomon van Blokland

Solomon was born in Amsterdam’s Eastside in the 1990s, when it was still a rough neighbourhood. After he returned in his 20’s, he found that Yuppies had taken over.

Officially an Arabist, he edits for a web based magazine on politics and international relations. From time to time he lets his small band of readers indulge in his travel writing and love of certain obscure dictators.

The Flemish writer Herman Brusselmans and the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami taught him that absurdism and nihilism can take you a long way, but not quite there where he wants to be. What he is sure of, is that he loves sharing his feelings and adventures through writing, taking his readers by the hand through Wonderland. An avid traveler of Eastern-European and Arab countries, there is often a certain love for such cultures to be found somewhere in his writing.

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