Giuseppe Del Buono
Joined Meer in October 2014
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Giuseppe Del Buono

Giuseppe lives in London, Barcelona and Naples, care and organizes art events and emerging artists' collective, always working a lot and with passion collaborating with other professionals art curators and collectors primarily with contemporary art. The three cities in which he lives, although different for different and many aspects have something that unites them deeply, the creative frenzy and operational that can be seen as well as in the center of the City, also in the Ramblas de Barcelona and in the Gulf of Naples.

Apart from work, for Giuseppe, travel is an art in itself—one that he passionately practices. He is not bound by proximity; instead, he is drawn to places that brim with intrigue and fascination. Whether a stone's throw away or nestled in a distant land, if a destination promises novelty, it beckons to him. Yet, amidst his globetrotting ventures, one constant remains—the embrace of delectable cuisines that tease his palate and satiate his soul.

Exploring new culinary horizons while traveling is an exhilarating experience: local flavors unveil cultures, stories, and traditions, turning every meal into a memorable and delightful adventure.

In London, the city of contrasts, Giuseppe finds himself immersed in a hub of innovation and tradition. The modern skyscrapers of the financial district stand as monuments to human achievement, mirroring his own pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries. Just as London's diverse neighborhoods coalesce into a rich tapestry, Giuseppe brings together the varied strokes of emerging artists into a harmonious narrative.

Barcelona, with its Mediterranean zest, echoes Giuseppe's fervor for art. As he strolls down the iconic Ramblas, his senses dance to the rhythm of street performances and the exuberant chatter of fellow wanderers. The city's avant-garde architecture stands as a testament to its inhabitants' unbridled imagination—an inspiration that fuels Giuseppe's own creative reservoir as he sculpts spaces for artistic dialogue.

Naples, nestled by the azure Gulf, whispers secrets of ancient civilizations. Amidst the city's timeworn streets, Giuseppe finds solace in the timelessness of art. The same sea that once enraptured emperors and poets now mirrors his own journey—a voyage that transcends time and geographical confines.

Through his ventures, Giuseppe has woven a mosaic of experiences, colored by the hues of artistic expression and human connection. His life is a testimony to the fact that while borders and languages may differ, the language of creativity is universal. Just as the symphony of London, Barcelona, and Naples converges in his heart, Giuseppe's endeavors converge to celebrate the boundless spirit of art, proving that a life well-lived is, indeed, a work of art.

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