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Joined Meer in July 2014
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Daniela Bieder

Born in Lucerne in 1990, already a real gourmet at young age. Food produce have always interested me - planting, observing, yielding, buying, transforming, cooking and enjoying. From my three childhood hobbies ballet, cello and eating it is my passion for the latter that has persisted strongest.

After my A levels I went to Italy and England. In 2010 I started my dream studies at the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) in Pollenzo, Piedmont. The three years spent there were extremely instructive and unforgettable. We studied a wide range of subjects, I met people who have shared the same enthusiasm for eating and drinking. Our study trips to Italy, Greece, England, Morocco and India were extremely enriching. After getting my Bachelor Degree in 2013, I wanted to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. For eight months I was living in Paris and attended the renowned cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. In August 2014, I proudly received my Grand Diplôme in Cuisine and Pastry. Then, I did a stage in the kitchen of the restaurant Bones in Paris. During my free time I enjoy visiting producers, markets and delicatessen to deepen my knowledge about produce. Many times I assisted the grape and olive harvest in Tuscany. In Greece, on the island Lipsi, I worked on a farm (Worldwide Organic Farming Organisation). I also enjoy visiting restaurants a lot and always learn from that. Thirst for knowledge, interest, quality awareness and the Slow Food conviction always let me penetrate deeper the world of food and drink. Gastronomy is along with photography, travelling, reading, yoga and nature my greatest passion.

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