Maryum Khalid
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Maryum Khalid

This is Maryam Khalid from Islamabad, Pakistan. I was born on 27th September 1979 in Abbottabad, a beautiful hill station situated in the northern part of Pakistan. I completed my early education in Abbottabad. I completed my Masters in English in 2003. I have five members in my family which include my parents and my two siblings other than me.

Soon after completing my Masters, I started teaching in a local private school. It was a wonderful experience for me as a young woman going through a different experience while working. Then one after another I went on joining different institutions due to various reasons. Every time it was a new experiment teaching new things and coming across different people.

In 2005, I joined an NGO which needed a person to run and manage a junior school in some remote hilly area of Pakistan. I joined it in the first place as it also taught me a lot I grew up in a very protective environment, and my upbringing raised me to be a very positive and humble human being who finds positivity and beauty in everything. But as you step into the practical world, it's different. Your surroundings and the people around you present a different picture. Some bitter-sweet experiences you come across make you a different you. But I think you must be able to tackle all situations with wisdom and with a mature approach.

As a person, I am very straightforward and believe in honesty. I am sensitive towards social injustice and want to become the voice of downtrodden people. I am very much attracted towards nature and the places that are rich in beauty. In other words, I appreciate Williams Wordsworth a lot, he was a great admirer of nature and wrote several poems regarding that. I believe in respecting other people and being respected. To me, there's no greater religion other than humanity, so humanity comes first. This is what I believe in. As a human being, I have also seen the hardships and obstacles in my life. But I have been facing all these with a great heart. To me life is not a bed of roses, you mostly have to prick yourself with the thorns to carry on in your run. I do have sad and depressed days. I have very few friends whom I can count on or can freely and comfortably speak to because I mostly find people very materialistic and selfish.

I am fond of exploring different places and exploring different cultures and races I am sensitive to the current political situation here in my country. Despite the new elections, the new government has stolen the mandate and taken over the government. While the people wanted a fair and just ruler free of corruption but it didn't happen. Therefore it saddens me and I don't see this country making any progress. But I hope good days will come because life never stays the same. At present, I am a mother of three children, a boy and two girls. My main focus is to bring them up as very responsible and successful citizens.

I am a teacher, teaching English to the age group 9-18 and it's been thirteen years working in the field of education. I love giving knowledge and sharing it with young minds. There's a lot to deliver and gain.

Speaking about my hobbies, in my spare time, I like to cook and read books of literature and autobiographies or some epic stories; I love good music and long drives, walks and exercise. I love to participate in good and productive discussions over some serious social issues. Some people express themselves well by speaking while I think I have good written expression. It's a great way of catharsis. I want to contribute something to the world of reading and writing.

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