Maria Mukaranda
Joined Meer in March 2024
Maria Mukaranda

Maria's love for absorbing knowledge is palpable—a voracious appetite. From the classics to contemporary art, she delves deep, extracting insights and unraveling complexities with fervor. But what sets her apart is not just her thirst for knowledge; it's her relentless pursuit of critical skills, honed through years of meticulous study and introspection.

As someone with Aspergers, she brings a unique perspective to her work—a blend of analytical prowess and creative flair. Her strategic mindset and analytical abilities allow her to unravel complex concepts, crafting engaging narratives with depth and nuance. With a penchant for classics, gothic literature, cyberpunk, fantasy, and dark romanticism, Maria's love affair with storytelling runs deep. Her analytical mind delves into the depths of complex concepts, uncovering truths hidden beneath layers of narrative ambiguity.

But Maria's love for critique extends beyond mere observation; it's a manifestation of her passion for the arts in all their forms. From music to film, from literature to visual art, she immerses herself fully, offering insightful commentary that enriches the discourse and pushes the boundaries of understanding.

The young creative’s journey is punctuated with hands-on experiences with industry leaders, from The Royal Opera House to Dazed Magazine and couture brands at London Fashion Week, showcasing her adaptability and visionary outlook. Her academic foundation, from grammar school to a BA Hons at a leading arts institution, combined with her passion for the arts, media, computing, research, and writing, nurtured at Central Saint Martins, fuels her love for journalism and creative expression.

With a track record of leading teams and shaping visionary projects, Maria has spearheaded collaborations with artists and practitioners, with a foray into self-publishing, graphic design, and print. As the founder and editor-in-chief of a magazine published through her local council, Maria birthed a concept rooted in a vision of combining fashion journalism with a deeper exploration of sustainability, artistic expression, and social impact. Her leadership ensured that each issue remained at the forefront of cultural innovation, with thought-provoking content and visually compelling design. Her strategic vision and unwavering commitment to artistic growth were evident at events like the Margate Festival and the Royal Opera House Bridge Annual Conference, where she presented the magazine's manifesto and engaged in insightful discussions with industry leaders. Through her guidance and editorial acumen, Maria transformed the magazine from a concept to a vibrant publication that continues to inspire and provoke thought in the creative community.

In addition to her work in journalism and creative media, Maria has also co-led the hosting of an arts auction event sponsored by notable figureheads within industry.

And while she effortlessly navigates both the digital and cultural realms, her linguistic talents shine through with intermediate proficiency in both French and Spanish, enriching her global perspective.

In the quiet moments between deadlines and debuts, Maria indulges in the simple pleasures of life: eating a lot of sweet things, savoring a glass of wine, and relishing the richness of solitude. With a dash of dark humor and an affinity for the offbeat, she finds solace in the unconventional. And when words fail to capture the essence of her soul, she’ll turn to her Maria finds her muse in the strings of her violin and bass guitar.

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