Chloe Violeta Ercoli Bannister
Joined WSI in November 2011
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Chloe Violeta Ercoli Bannister

Chloé Ercoli Bannister was born in London in 1979 and studied archeology at University College London, where she approached photography thanks to an illustration course of archaeological finds. Back in Italy, she started working as an assistant to a well-known photographer of monuments and archaeological finds. She then continues as a freelance photographer, working with numerous magazines including: Ville & Casali, Casa Naturale and Alice Cucina, and with various tourism institution as a photo-reporter. She prefers above all travel and nature photography. She has traveled around the world photographing, capturing the anthropological aspects as well as the nature of the environments. She collaborates with the Wall Street International Magazine, publishing regularly travel journals. She has won awards in several national photographic competitions, including the competition Oasis "Click: Andata e ritorno" in 2010.

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