Rawan Al Adwan
Joined Meer in March 2014
Rawan Al Adwan

Rawan al Adwan is a well known visual artist, ceramicist and painter from Jordan and lives in London. She has a degree in fine arts and has worked for Queen Alia Foundation for social welfare,The Jordanian Prime Ministry, Jordan national and political museum.

Al Adwan is a Member of the Jordanian Artist union and the Richmond Arts Society. Rawan describes her artwork as being simple and yet complex at the same time which in turn makes them extremely interesting and unique, the story behind each of her artworks will intrigue and motivate the viewer and encourage them to search for the true meaning hidden in each of her painting.

Her early work is inspired by ancient inscription and drawing discovered on old basalt volcanic stones in the middle east,these drawings were created by the "safawi" people that inhabited the desert in 500 B.C. in what is known today as Jordan.The artist transformed these mysterious and beautiful works into a modern creation that maintains there spirit yet allows them to became part of the contemporary art of the 21st century.

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