Rebecca Ann Pedley
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Rebecca Ann Pedley

Rebecca Ann Pedley {1999} was born in England. She is an international designer, artist, and writer, exhibiting in galleries spanning across Europe and America whilst previously positioned as an author and editor for an esteemed publication in Los Angeles.

Her studio resides on the historic Cranbrook Academy of Art campus, where she studies a Master of Fine Arts in Design. Innately seeking the duality of her Grenadian and British heritage, to bring forth a meditation on home, outside of physical actuality.

Rebecca’s scholars in literature provide her with an abstracted vision of the arts. She is mesmerised by the whimsical nature of surrealism and existentialism and their ability to create moments of transcendence. Her writings are an enchanted and imaginative rendition of her felt experience.

Infinitely grateful to have travelled around the world for both school and work, she has voiced her admiration for the life-long connections formed with people from all walks of life, learning from those she has had the honour of knowing. She hopes her writings offer a glimpse toward the magic of movement and the freedom for which she acknowledges deep appreciation for experiencing.

Poetic in feeling, her writings offer a sense of nostalgic song. She clears the way for the reader to escape into her world, where they are the autonomous energy and characters in the story. Alongside her love for the written language, she admires much performance and theatre-based works. They are both mediums that cultivate expression and indulgence. Rebecca’s childhood encompassed ballet, the prime channel for her young, spawning mind. Through gesture, she found the value in expressing beyond sound, instead, into the body and halo of essence.

A life of welcomed randomness... frankly making it up, learning as she goes. Rebecca is curious about all things, endeavoring not to pigeon-hole her thinking and themes of fancy.

Although she draws much inspiration from both art and design, as well as performance and dance. She explains that, for her, living is the sense of finding a way to connect elements that craft one sphere. The very grounding of her writing is a great admiration for breath and pause. These are the moments, she believes, where thought transcends into a meditative appreciation for life.

Rebecca promises her readers the offering of solitude. A quiet read that radiates softness in topics that stream across many creative matters. Ultimately, she, along with her readers, are guided to tread softly whilst living tenderly in connection.

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