Ana Matkova
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Ana Matkova

We live and breathe words. With them we communicate; they deliver information, express feelings, inspire others, teach. Books made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They were honest with me, and I with them. Reading someone else's words, the way other people see the world, its colours, textures and sounds, made me think I know the way they hope, feel, dream. I admit as a child I was flirting with mathematics, but in words I found myself, I opened my soul. Sometimes they are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can no more call them back and ignore the mess they leave when they fall. So, we always need be careful of what we say or write and if we don't have anything beautiful, intelligent, wise and inspiring to say, it would be better if we kept quiet. Silence sometimes speaks more than words. It's that special moment when feelings and emotions whisper and we can hear the language of the heart. But our actions speak the most of ourselves. So let's create a new world, built of sympathy, compassion, happiness, smiles. Maybe this sounds like a ten years old girl's wish, but it just means that my desires have remained intact, and it will be like that forever. I will continue to walk through the path of an honest world, which leads us to the source. Let's look into our hearts and souls, to remember that we are woven from light. I'll try with my articles to inspire, lead you into the world of magic and love. Life, nature, blue skies, gentle breezes, sun, laughter, calmness, kindness, vegetarian, animals, peace, humanity: in this material world I'm currently working many things other than journalism to earn, but I will never break norms of professional and moral behaviour. By the power of the written word I will try to make you hear, to make you feel and, above all, to make you see. To be visionaries, not destroyers. Let’s inhale life!

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