Claudia Charquet
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Claudia Charquet

Claudia Charquet is a French political scientist, researcher, and musician based in the United Kingdom. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and creativity, she is passionate about art, the economy, politics, and culture. Her background in politics, economics, and philosophy has developed a strong interest in energy transitions, social and market studies, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and international relations. In 2023, she primarily researched and analysed the domestic and geopolitical implications of energy transitions in Europe and East Asia. Besides her academic pursuits, Claudia is a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist with a particular preference for the guitar. To her, art and culture are not just hobbies but essential tools for understanding humanity, improving international relations, and nurturing peace.

Claudia’s love for culture and languages started in her childhood. Coming from a multicultural family allowed her to speak several languages: French, English, Spanish, and Italian, and understand the importance of diversity, equality, respect, and kindness. In pursuit of her academic dreams, Claudia left France and embarked on a journey to the University of York in 2019. There, she pursued a BA (Hons) in philosophy, politics, and economics. After graduating in 2022, her drive for new experiences brought her to the Netherlands, where she enrolled in the University of Amsterdam's MSc programme in Political Science, specialising in Political Economy, from which she graduated in 2023. Eager for knowledge, she continues to learn about economic strategies, programming, and data analysis.

With varied interests, Claudia developed a keen desire to help fight climate change and improve the efficiency of energy transitions. Her thesis, titled ‘A Comparative Analysis of the EU and China’s Energy Transition (2000–2022)', aims to improve our understanding of energy transitions. By evaluating the EU and China’s transition evolutions in a comparative study, the readers are made aware of: i) policy processes in distinct socio-economic contexts; ii) what has the power to boost, impact, and delay energy transitions; and iii) the transitions’ domestic and geopolitical implications. Thanks to this work, and with hopes that a better understanding of energy transitions will accelerate sustainable development, she entered a research programme titled ‘The Geopolitical Economy of Energy Transition: Comparing China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the European Union’, at the International Institute of Asian Studies.

Filled with gratitude for the people, cultures, friends, art, and experiences that have shaped her, she hopes to discover more of the world and embark on a never-ending journey of personal growth, a journey that is both thrilling and endlessly rewarding.

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