Zak  Delport
Joined Meer in September 2023
Zak Delport

My journey into the intersection of technology and law began with a fascination for the boundless potential of the digital world. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in law, I built a solid foundation in the legal field.

Throughout my legal studies, I engaged in moot court competitions, refining my advocacy and research skills in complex areas such as intellectual property, cybersecurity, and data privacy—critical topics in our tech-driven era.

Internships at tech startups and law firms specializing in technology-related cases further enriched my understanding. I navigated technology contracts, grappled with intellectual property nuances, and helped clients comply with evolving data privacy laws. These hands-on experiences deepened my commitment to bridging the tech and legal worlds through insightful writing.

In my role as a contributing writer at Meer, I bring a fusion of technical expertise and legal acumen. I aspire to dissect legal challenges and opportunities in the tech sphere, offering practical insights to legal professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. With precision, clarity, and innovation, I eagerly anticipate exploring the dynamic relationship between technology and the law, unveiling the legal implications of emerging technologies. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of the digital age and shape the future of our interconnected world.

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