Muhammad Soban Mir
Joined Meer in August 2023
Muhammad Soban Mir

I'm Soban, born in Peshawar, and my profession is architecture.

When I studied the architecture of my region, I got so inspired by it that I devoted myself to heritage. I'm a soul deeply inspired by the tangible and intangible aspects of my culture, especially when it comes to my city, Peshawar. As an architect, I try to bring the past and future together. It's not just about designing buildings; it's about adapting innovation in a heritage-built environment. The decorative architectural features of this area inspire my creativity, serving as a reminder that every constructed building has a rich and meaningful history. Through my lens, I've captured the heartbeat of Peshawar. From the bustling streets and bazaars to the public squares where everyday life unfolds, every click freezes a moment, capturing a piece of history that can never be recreated.

The primary reason is to document the rapidly decaying past, heavily impacted by various factors. Furthermore, as there are no concepts for restoration and rehabilitation, I aim to raise awareness among people and architectural organizations about the potential of this region. Indeed, the most meaningful part of my journey is my role as a heritage archivist.

The thought of our heritage fading away in the tide of time was something I couldn't bear. So, I am into heritage and cultural conservation projects. Tangible history, including buildings and artifacts, requires protection. However, let's not overlook the intangible aspects: the stories, traditions, and way of life. They all contribute to what makes Peshawar special.

It's a race against time, with modernization knocking on the door, but I won't back down. I'm out there, sleeves rolled up, fighting to preserve the soul of my city. I want Peshawar to keep its identity amidst the whirlwind of change, and that's where the education piece comes in. I'm not just about saving the past; I'm here to inspire the present. Workshops, talks, exhibitions – these are all avenues through which I share my passion. I want people to understand that heritage isn't just a relic; it's a guidepost to our roots, a source of pride, and a foundation for what's to come.

So, that's me, the architect weaving history into the future, the photographer freezing time in a frame, and the heritage archivist fighting to keep the flame of Peshawar's legacy alive. Join me on this journey of serving and preserving the treasures that define us.

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