Nimi Sanjith

A conceptual maverick with a penchant for all things aesthetic, Nimi Sanjith loves telling stories of design, art, and travel. She is an interior designer and a design educator, originally hailing from Kerala, India, and currently settled in Bonn, Germany. She conveys her thoughts as quick doodles or scribbles, developing bespoke narratives of her pursuits in aesthetics. More than the final and finished look of a design project, it is the taxing process of idea generation, research, mind-mapping, and planning that excites her. Nimi Sanjith has had her articles published on various international design blogs.

She has previously presented her papers on design research on Design Approaches in Design Process and House, Home, and Aesthetics at design conferences held at Manipal University, Dubai. Her research on the same has paved the way for her leading design workshops conducted for students all over India. Her career ranges from concept designer to project coordinator and design consultant, spanning through firms in the Middle East and Kerala. Nimi is at the moment running her own design consultancy, The Aesthetic Chase, while also being a design educator, interacting and imparting a wholesome and creative approach to studying interior design.

Her interest in writing had encouraged her to earn a diploma in journalism and online communication soon after her graduation. As a mentor to her students, she has always encouraged them to write stories about every process of design. "A design becomes a marvel when it is backed by a great story of the creative process involved," she believes.

Nimi’s Instagram page is also an ode to her love of the word "aesthetics," her worship of her favorite artists, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, and all her design quests that make her mind happy. She reckons life as a celebration of all emotions. So she makes an effort to bookmark every event or journey that creates that arc in the heart and soul. Seeking new places and experiences, curating and creating art, and narrating endless imaginative stories to her 5-year-old daughter. And one day, she hopes to bring those stories to the world so that children around the world can read them.

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