Jason Reed

Jason Reed is a prolific voice on politics, policy and culture for a wide range of outlets around the world.

Since 2018, Jason has written hundreds of articles and given hundreds of interviews to TV channels, radio stations, and podcasts.

Jason is based in London, UK. He contributes articles to British national newspapers including The Telegraph, The Times, Daily Express, The Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and The i Paper.

Jason also writes for British regional newspapers including City A.M. (London) and the Yorkshire Post, and UK magazines and websites including ConservativeHome, politics.co.uk, Prospect Magazine, TheArticle, The Critic, Spiked, 1828, Reaction, CapX, Conservatives Global, Comment Central, and Daily Globe.

Jason frequently appears on TV and radio in the UK, including on BBC One, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC Radio Ulster, Sky News, Times Radio, GB News, and TalkTV.

Jason also writes regularly for national outlets in the US, including Yahoo News, Washington Examiner, Business Insider, National Interest, Washington Times, RealClearPolicy, RealClearEnergy, RealClearWorld, and RealClearMarkets.

US political websites often publish Jason’s articles, too. They include Townhall, Counterpunch, The American Conservative, International Policy Digest, The American Spectator, The Federalist, and AIER.

He has contributed to various local, regional and state newspapers in the US, including the Boston Herald, Orange County Register (California), Duluth News Tribune (Minnesota), Deseret News (Utah), and dozens more.

American broadcast media stations have featured Jason Reed as a guest. They include TV channel Fox 5 DC, online platform The Young Turks, and radio stations Big Talker 106.7FM (North Carolina), Newsradio WOOD 106.9FM (Michigan), KLIF 570 News & Information (Texas), and WBAP News Talk (Texas).

Jason also contributes to media in other countries including French newspaper L’Opinion, French websites Contrepoints, IREF and La Chronique Agora, EU journals European Scientist and European Neighbourhood Monitor, Canadian newspaper Financial Post, and the Spectator Australia magazine.

Jason’s analysis and commentary covers a wide range of topics. He sometimes writes about politics and elections in the UK, US and EU, but most of his writing is on policy topics. On environmental issues, for example, he has written on nuclear energy, carbon capture, Extinction Rebellion and other protest movements, and more.

Much of Jason’s writing focuses on health issues, especially with reference to civil liberties and tax. For example, Jason writes on anti-obesity policies including sugar taxes and junk food advertising restrictions. He also writes about government approaches to smoking, vaping, alcohol and gambling.

Jason also covers technology and innovation, education, criminal justice, and much more besides.

Articles by Jason Reed

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