Peter Ongera

I was born in rural Kenya in 1972. I am married with three children. I went to the rural ordinary school system through university to study philosophy, public relations and sociology. During school holidays and sports days in primary school, I would sell sweets and snacks to get pocket money. I was always at the top of my class, a prefect, and loved debating and role-playing radio broadcasts. I would do commercial photography, freelance journalism and peer counselling while doing undergraduate studies at Egerton University at 22 years of age.

I am an award-winning veteran journalist and entrepreneur since my school and university days. Away from Kenya,l have done projects with the Ship for World Youth of the Japanese government, the Jeanne Sauve Youth Foundation of Canada, Les Aspin Center for Government at Marquette University, Africa Checks organization of South Africa, and Thomas Reuters Foundation among others.

As a Reuters-Meta Online Journalism graduate, I have undertaken fact-checking and writing projects with Kenyan and international organizations cutting across social development, entrepreneurship, and good governance with remarkable success and achievement.

As a community leader, l believe in journalism for social change and journalism beyond newsrooms. In my community work, I provide objective solutions, truths and realities to be relied upon to inform, educate and challenge ideas.

I started getting national and international recognitions and awards at age 20 by participating in training and study trips to Spain, Denmark, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Egypt, Greece, Netherlands, Canada, USA and across Africa. I have done consulting for United Nations and USAID-funded capacity-building projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Nigeria, and Ghana at the Les Aspin Center for Government of Marquette University in the USA.

I was recognized as a National Hero by the Celtel and Parents magazine in 2005 and a Business Achiever in 2006 by Capital Radio. I have been featured in Kenyan and international media as a case study at Leeds University Business School and Sheffield University Management School in the UK.

As the African editor of Africa-The Enslaved Continent e-book, I am convinced that Africa has all the natural, human tools and resources to overcome poverty. I believe that Africa can eradicate poverty through sustainable social investing in education and skills(especially information technology) transfer and partnerships with companies and communities.

I have trained, coached and mentored in a number of capacity-building projects and I am a role model for many in Africa and beyond.

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