Dr. Neelam Patil

Dr. Neelam Patil is a writer, lecturer, mentor and professional trainer based out in India. She has over 8 years of experience as a mentor and professional trainer and has been actively conducting sessions at universities and corporate organizations within and out of India.

Currently Dr. Neelam is an Adjunct Faculty at Southern New Hampshire University (United States) Health and Wellness Writer at Orzuv ( A venture by Think Roman, USA) and Vice President at GRID Global ( Community Initiative for University Students for Rapport Building in Industry).

Dr. Patil is also a LMS trainer and subject matter expert for faculties and corporate companies and has conducted training workshops both online and offline to audience ranging from 20 to 150. She has completed trainer certifications from US based Universities and other recognized bodies. She has a sound expertise in multitasking and working adhering to deadlines especially on confidential projects across the globe.

Dr. Patil is actively involved as freelancer in article writing, proof reading for medical and wellness magazines, college blogs, NGO websites. She has presented and published several research papers and guided university college students in understanding scientific writing during their university projects, and conference proceedings in India, United States, Italy, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zambia.

Dr. Neelam is faculty expert in medical courses like Women Health Concerns, Menstrual Hygiene Management, Pathology, Enzymology, Medical Ethics and many more.

Dr. Patil is proficient in a wide range of research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative approaches. She has demonstrated expertise in conducting literature reviews, designing research protocols, collecting and analysing data, and preparing comprehensive reports.

Furthermore, her strong attention to detail and analytical mindset enable her to identify potential research gaps and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Dr. Neelam is adept at synthesizing information from diverse sources, drawing logical conclusions, and effectively communicating findings to both technical and non-technical audiences.

From a young age, Dr. Neelam has found solace and inspiration in books, immersing themselves in different worlds and narratives. This love for literature sparked a desire to pen down her own stories and share them with others. Whether it's fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, Dr. Patil embraces a wide range of genres and styles, constantly exploring new avenues of creativity.

While writing is her deeply personal endeavour, Dr. Neelam also values collaboration and feedback. She believes in the importance of constant growth and improvement, welcoming constructive criticism and is always open to exploring different perspectives and approaches to her craft.

Beyond writing, Dr. Neelam is a passionate traveller with a keen inclination to explore local lifestyle. Dr. Patil believes that a writer's greatest asset is a diverse range of experiences and insights. She immerses self in different cultures, exploring new places, and engaging in conversations with people from all walks of life, all in an effort to broaden her understanding of the world and bring a unique perspective to her writing.

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