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Linda Etuk is a highly-skilled, enthusiastic and professional writer with a stunning imagination. The secrets of the soul, experiences of life, and authenticity of the mind are imbedded in her work. Her writing is majorly realistic fiction, which is heavily influenced by the heterogeneity of the African society in which she lives.

As a growing child in an indigenous Igbo family, she enjoyed story-telling but was more excited when she was the one telling it. Story-telling was her first major exposure to literature. As she grew older, she began reading other stories from different cultures which expanded her imagination and creativity. Soon enough, her parents encouraged her to write down her own stories. At age six, she started writing short stories. The first stories that she wrote were non-fiction. Subsequently, she began to create her own characters and find her unique writing style. Her consistent writing practice helped her succeed in her academic learning generally.

Over the years, she has acquired practical successful experience as a creator, editor and author. She is known for weaving African historical elements into creative evocative settings and memorable characters. Her works include novels, short stories and nonfiction. Linda’s short stories have been published in anthologies and magazines within and around Africa. She writes in several genres including historical fiction, thriller, horror, science fiction, epic fantasy, and mystery; and she writes for adults, middle grade, and young adult.

Linda has a deep passion for impacting younger writers which incited Superannica Writers’ Academy; a place where she provides mentorship for a rising group of talented new-era writers. She launched the first part of her children’s book series; The Adventures of Ofarimerechi; The Talking Kudu in 2017. The Talking Kudu continues to capture the hearts of young African readers. Despite a story that begins with tragedy and drama, it has a fresh and interesting setting and follows two main characters, a boy and a talking antelope, on the cusp of events that will change their lives forever, “The Talking Kudu” is very captivating; wrenching its readers from their world into its own.

With a solid background in communication in which she earned both Bachelor and Master’s Degrees, Linda possesses a strong voice that enables her to create engaging, and compelling works for diverse audiences.

Linda is married and currently makes her home in Lagos, Nigeria with her best friend, inspiration and most-loving husband; Akaninyene Etuk- the one who spurs her on to live her dreams.

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