Areej Nasir
Joined Meer in June 2023
Areej Nasir

Ms. Areej Nasir, a dynamic young columnist from Pakistan, is widely recognized for her captivating articles and influential voice in the realm of International Relations and global affairs. Currently serving as the Director of Coordination, Publication, and Research at the Global Strategic Institute for Sustainable Development (GSISD), a non-profit think-tank in Islamabad, she has firmly established herself as an expert in women's empowerment, garnering numerous accolades for her outstanding contributions to social change advocacy over the course of nearly five years.

As an internationally acclaimed activist, Areej Nasir has dedicated herself to advocating for economic and social rights, with a particular emphasis on improving access to healthcare and education. Through extensive research on government policies and human rights violations, she has effectively raised awareness and collaborated with local community organizations to amplify their messages and advocate for policy reform. Areej's unwavering passion lies in promoting economic and socio-cultural rights, as well as advocating for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, driven by her desire to create a future that is equally accessible to all.

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