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Zahid Shaukat is a writer who has been living in Pakistan. I always try to explore nations, cultures, and businesses and identify the ways how they work. That was the beginning of my career as a writer. I graduated with computer science degree, but after working in the software development sector, I found I was not for this field. So, I started writing blog posts, web content and articles for different niches, including health, fitness, marketing, entertainment, technology, travel, etc. For me, writing is all about expressing feelings and emotions and converting them into words. Writers act like water, and they take shape according to the utensil. That is why I believe that we as writers can take any shape according to our needs.

Writing has shaped my perception and thinking about the world. Now, I perceive things differently and always try to explore things more deeply and critically because I believe that every word has a different sense and meaning based on the situation. In my entire writing career, research, exploration, and analysis are core features that have allowed me to understand the context of the problem and how this problem has been occurring and its disturbing nature and environment.

I also believe in miracles because some situations can change our thinking and understanding capabilities. When I was a junior developer in one of the software houses in Pakistan, my friend told me to write an article for his personal website. At that time, I was not confident about writing articles because I had no experience in writing. But when I started writing, it changed everything for me because that was the first time when I really enjoyed the work. I also realised that this could be the thing that I was looking for. After this, I started asking my friends and other links to give me a chance to write for them. This was the actual beginning of my writing journey. Now, I have dedicated myself to writing, and I am writing full-time and enjoying spending time in research, analysis and interpreting information and data.

I believe that continuous development and writing can be the main element that can provide everyone with a continuous development path because when you engage yourself in research, it can provide you with an opportunity to understand various things that are not familiar to you or you have not any understanding about this.

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