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Carlos Afonso Delgado Monteiro

Carlos Afonso Delgado Monteiro is a highly experienced tech journalist who has made a name for himself by writing for major daily and weekly newspapers in Portugal, as well as their digital counterparts. He attained his degree in Communication Studies with a specialisation in journalism at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, one of the most prestigious Portuguese universities.

In the early stages of his career, he interned at Ispis Public Relations, which is part of the prestigious Brandia Central Group. During his time there, Carlos had the opportunity to work with notable politicians, public figures, and prominent brands, honing his skills in public relations and media outreach.

Apart from his extensive journalism experience, Carlos has also worked in back-office and technical support operations for top tech companies on an outsourcing basis. His diverse experience in the industry has given him a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects and operating procedures of the products and services he covers.

Currently, Carlos leads the Communications Office for INOV-INESC Inovação, a leading technological R&D institute in Portugal and part of the wider INESC holding. In this role, he is responsible for managing the institute's public image, internal communication, and media relations.

Carlos's writing on technological trends is distinguished by his focus on sociological and economic perspectives. He is known for his ability to do deep dives into the projects he is involved in or has in-depth knowledge of, providing readers with insightful analyses and experts' opinions.

Despite his passion for technology, Carlos believes in maintaining a work-life balance and enjoys writing about a diverse range of topics, including culture and entertainment.

At the young age of 17, Carlos was already pursuing his passion for music by interviewing major international musicians. Be it as an amateur, blogger, or full-fledged professional, he has always taken pleasure in sharing his insights and experiences with his readers and those around him.

He is a lifelong gamer who, in the past, has had relevant bylines on the subject. Currently, he spends way too much time on his PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Carlos, being bilingual, is exceptionally comfortable writing in both Portuguese and English simultaneously, providing adequate and distinct versions of each language for every piece he produces. This unique skill allows him to cater to a wider audience, delivering high-quality content that is easily accessible to readers of both languages.

He currently resides in Lisbon, his birthplace, after having been raised in the suburbs of Carcavelos.

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