Diana Arlett

I am Diana Arlett, a public policy specialist, holistic transformational therapist, and writer. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Planning with 1st Class Honours, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Laws specialising in International Law and International Relations and qualifications in journalism, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, life coaching, yoga, breathwork and meditation.

As a public policy specialist, I have worked across the three tiers of the Australian Government and the private sector in various capacities over the past two decades. I have experience in project management, communications and public relations, urban planning, property development, infrastructure planning, energy and environmental planning, and climate change adaptation.

I started exploring holistic and transformational therapies in my early twenties in response to my own health problems after I did not respond well to conventional medical treatment and artificial pharmaceutical drugs. My journey as a holistic transformational therapist started when I discovered the therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation. Soon after, I also started exploring nutrition, practices that target the conscious and subconscious mind, a broad suite of herbal supplements and traditional medicines. I deepened my knowledge of these treatments and practices by spending some time at an Ayurvedic ashram in Southern India and travelling around Indonesia studying herbal therapies and esoteric medicine. Having experienced the power and effectiveness of these practices myself, I now guide and treat people who are struggling with complex health problems using holistic therapies through my own small holistic transformational therapies business. I love educating people and promoting how these practices can aid personal transformation and improve wellbeing. I offer training in meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy and yoga and support people to make effective and lasting changes using hypnotherapy, hypnotic meditation, and life coaching services.

As a writer, I enjoy sharing research and interesting thoughts borne of all my key interests. Some of my favourite topics to write about include holistic therapies, economics, politics, human rights, world issues, business and entrepreneurship, environment and climate change, the beauty and fashion industries, energy and environmental resource management, personal development, travel, health, wellness, and fitness.

In my downtime, I enjoy expressing myself through yoga and writing, setting up small businesses that indulge my creative side, and immersing myself in culturally diverse environments so I can learn different ways to view and interpret the world. I am passionate about doing what I can to make the world a better place where public health, social justice, and human rights are prioritised individually, collectively, and politically.

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