Beatriz  Lima
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Beatriz Lima

Beatriz Lima lives between Northern England and Brazil. She holds a BSc in Business Management from Lancaster University. Academically frustrated and unfit for the management world, she found creative refuge in Marketing and has been working in the industry for the past 2 years.

Born and raised in the small coastal town of Porto Seguro in Brazil, where the sun bathes everything in golden warmth. In the comfort of her father's big blue lounge chair, she embarked on countless adventures through the pages of her favourite books.

Her appetite for literature grew insatiable, and she savoured each word, letting them fuel her dreams. Long before she ever left Brazil, she had already travelled to Wonderland through Alice, Paris through Hemingway, Colombia through Gabriel García Márquez. Reading books gave her a perspective of the world that was beyond what she had ever seen or experienced. And for that, she has always believed in the emancipatory power of literature and wishes that every person had access to it.

Words have been her home in times when she felt like she did not belong. They are what she forever seeks. The books that she has read have given her so much more than knowledge. They’ve healed her, given her purpose, clarity and power.

Writing came then as second nature. An instinct to now pursue what her 13-year-old self already knew was her future. To write, truthfully and often, sometimes mediocrely or plainly dreadful, but always. To write always. She writes mostly personal essays on love, culture and travelling.

Besides a literature devotee, Beatriz is a love lover. A born hopeless romantic, believer of all things magic, letter writer, wannabe poet, constantly overwhelmed by her gigantic feelings. She shares most of her days with her two greatest treasures - her ginger cat Beans and her soulmate José.

With Meer, she hopes to explore the themes that surround her life and inspire her. Sharing her passion for literature, reflections on her experience as an expat, as well as social and cultural observations. She invites readers to slow down, grab a warm drink and join her in a conversation.

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