Flavia Lanza
Joined Meer in February 2014
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Flavia Lanza

My training and personal journey has integrated and harmonized ​A​rchitecture and ​C​ontemporary ​A​rt studies​​ and ​the exhibitions planning and communication​ work with the tools of Creative Counseling, TRE® (Exercises for Releasing Tensions and Traumas) and over the last few years, incredibly out of the ordinary, with those of Access Consciousness ®​,​ making me choose to facilitate People in ​acknow​ledg​ing and receiving ​the ​magic, ​the ​energy, ​the ​beauty, ​the ​creativity and ​the ​awareness that each of us is​,​ and ​being "phenomenally" happy in creating and ​ge​ner​ating the ​Art of ​L​iving the life you ​truly desire.

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