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Alejandra Elisabet Peter-Thomas was born in Hampstead, a small, affluent village set off from the hustle and bustle of London, lined with Georgian period houses, the heath of the same name boasting woodland and meadows. The quiet surroundings inspired her writing and her greatest passions: film, fashion, lifestyle, internet aesthetics, literature, relationships, love, and travel.

She started writing in her elementary years, she had always an incredibly curious and well read. After she moved with her mother closer to central London her creative interests grew even stronger. Never short on ideas for stories, poetry, or personal musings, her first poems were about her love for her mother, grandmother, aunts, and great aunts. The strong women who surrounded her (some of whom have sadly passed) have and always will be her inspiration.

Aside from her life in England, the main inspirations of her writing have been her culture, heritage, past relationships, her friends, and family. She has a mixed ethnic background; through research she finds out more and more about herself and her family heritage) she is a lover of languages having grown up in a multi-lingual household, she understands, French, German, some Italian, Spanish and is in the process of relearning Latin and Koine Greek which she had been taught in middle school. She has fond memories of her travels around England, Scotland, and Europe; she is planning many trips for the future. Being an aunt-like figure to many of her friends’ children also influences her writing.

She has a varied background in different industries consisting of:

Film – specifically screenwriting, producing, directing. She made a collection of films while studying, (for which she completed a four-year degree in two years at a private institution) alongside founding her production company where she posts her active projects.

The music industry - she has strong ties to the indie rock and rap scenes having worked as a touring photographer and music journalist for indie publications for the past decade as she felt the environment was more organic and had the ability to express what she wanted to create accordingly.

The fashion industry – (her mother is a retired model) and she experienced the industry from a firsthand perspective, observing while she watched her mother work and also modeled herself. One of the biggest photo shoots she had the pleasure of being a part of was with her mother had been when Rankin shot their portraits as well as her first toddler catwalk with her mother.

Dance has been a part of her life since the tender age of six. She has been training as a ballerina on and off for over two decades, when she has the time in her busy schedule, she takes classes with her former ballet instructor who trained and taught at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Equestrian Industry - She began riding horses at the age of nine while in England and fell in love with horses and the sport and still trains today at the stable she had been with for over a decade. She always felt at peace with horses as they had this calming energy yet so much power, she has great admiration for them.

Social media – Alejandra Elisabet uses it to she uses it extensively to promote her writing and film work. She is inspired by internet aesthetics and early on created an account on the microblogging website “Tumblr”. The ever-changing aesthetics on the platform – the disordered sad girl era, twee, indie sleaze, tumblr grunge/soft grunge and so forth. She became fascinated by the dark aspects each era presented as well as its corresponding fashion and photographic styling. the maximalist anti clean-cut expression of the indie sleaze era during the noughties, the muted tone, bruised knee, mental dysregulation, sad girl personality of the tumblr grunge of the mid 2010’s all ignited her love for fashion. Fashion is the wearable periodical.

The message behind her writing is to leave you in pleasant reminiscence, laughter, or deep thought. Her drive for writing is give anyone and everyone a new perspective for the better. She prides herself in giving others perspective and insight into things that her readers didn’t have before. She’s always interested in having conversations with readers who have different opinions and views, as long as there is still civility intact.

Alejandra Elisabet’s philosophy is that we are here to inform, engage and create discussion and widen our beliefs around what we know intimately and that of which we don’t. We are always ever changing and growing and expanding as should our beliefs. I truly believe that a stagnant mind equals a stagnant life, I do hope that my works helps you explore topics and subjects that you haven’t before. I hope you enjoy all the beauty and extravagance that the world has to offer, I most certainly am.

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