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I'm Brigitta Pasztor, a Hungarian writer, PR professional, and creative soul. Ever since I was a child, I have had a deep love for expressing myself through various forms of creativity, from writing and drawing to crochet and jewelry-making. Today, I bring that same passion for creativity to my work in public relations and marketing, where I specialize in helping clients tell their stories and share their dreams with the world.

As an ambivert, I thrive in both introverted and extroverted situations. While I enjoy my alone time to recharge and reflect, I also love meeting new people and collaborating on projects. In fact, one of the things that drew me to the field of public relations was the opportunity to connect with individuals from all walks of life and help them achieve their goals.

In addition to my work in PR, I am also a graduate of Philology with a specialization in Communication. My academic background has provided me with a strong foundation in the art of communication, which I use daily to craft compelling narratives and build meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

Aside from my professional work, I am also an adventurous traveler, having lived in several different countries, including the UK, Germany, and Australia. These experiences have taught me the value of embracing diversity and seeking out new perspectives.

One of my most memorable travel experiences was my third time on a plane, when I embarked on a 21-hour journey from Hungary to Australia, with one stopover. This experience taught me the value of patience and persistence, as well as the importance of seeking out new adventures and experiences whenever possible.

Despite my love of adventure, I also have a bit of a sweet tooth - particularly when it comes to chocolate. In fact, I'm a bit obsessed with finding the perfect chocolate treat wherever I go, and I firmly believe that there's nothing that can't be improved with a little bit of chocolate.

When I'm not writing or working on a marketing campaign, you can often find me sitting in a cozy spot with a crochet hook in hand. Crochet has been a beloved hobby of mine for years, and there's something incredibly rewarding about turning a simple ball of yarn into a beautiful and functional piece of art. It's a great way to relax and unwind while still allowing my creativity to flow.

In addition to my love for creativity, I also have a deep appreciation for nature and enjoy spending time outdoors. One of my favorite activities is going for long walks, sometimes for hours on end. I find that walking allows me to clear my mind and reconnect with the natural world around me. I love visiting the beach too. It's my happy place, and there's something incredibly peaceful about the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. I always feel recharged and refreshed after a couple hours at the beach.

Another way I express my love for nature is through photography. I enjoy capturing the beauty of the world through the lens of my camera. Whether it's a stunning sunset, a beautiful building, or a good friend, there's something magical about freezing a moment in time and preserving it forever.

All in all, I am grateful for the opportunities I've had to pursue my passions and share my creativity with the world, and I look forward to continuing to push boundaries and make a positive impact in everything I do.

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