James  Broadhurst
Joined Meer in March 2023
James Broadhurst

I never wanted to be a writer.

I had difficulty reading and writing well into my primary school years. Once I figured out the power of the written word and the intangible feeling of telling the stories needing to be told I was hooked.

My journalism career started in music, another passion of mine, and it took me to some great places to rub shoulders with artists and producers I admired greatly. Before long I was published in my home town, Perth, internationally, in London, and editing for a locally managed dance music website. There were only so many opportunities to grow my career further in my home town of Perth so an overseas adventure was in order.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel the world. I drove an RV coast to coast in America. Lived and worked for two years in the United Kingdom and spent three months winding our way back to London from the easternmost parts of Europe. The adventure gave me resilience, resourcefulness and, over time, the sense we are all connected through shared experiences.

We are connected, not through physical or tangible means, but through our stories. Our narratives. Our truths. Having an opportunity to tell these stories, narratives, tales or truths is a privilege. What I value most is the opportunity to help others make sense of the world around them. Most of the stories I write - I write for myself, but always with others in mind.

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