Ariane  Triebswetter
Joined WSI in March 2023
Ariane Triebswetter

Born in Germany and raised in Portugal, Ariane Triebswetter currently works as an international freelance journalist.

Ariane always knew she would become a writer. As a child, she'd write stories and create her own magazines. At her high school, she was the chief editor of the school's newspaper, which published literary articles. Now, she continues to write fiction, while working as a cultural journalist.

Fluent in French, German, Portuguese, English and Italian, Ariane has an international mind and loves to learn about other cultures. She grew up in an artistic home, surrounded by diverse languages and cultures. She has lived in five countries so far, and is fascinated with British and Northern American cultures.

After she attended the French school in Lisbon, she left for Paris and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Literature and Media Studies at the Sorbonne, with a focus on linguistics, the publishing industry, and journalism. She then completed her Master's degree in International Journalism at the University of Stirling, in Scotland. There, she learned more about journalistic writing, podcasting, photography, videography, and investigative journalism. She then moved to London, where she worked for a while, before returning to Lisbon, where she is currently based.

Since 2020, Ariane has worked as a freelance journalist for English and American publications, writing about a variety of topics, from cultural articles to human interest features. Her interests include 20th-century world literature, philosophy, music, films, and feminism. She also plays the harp and takes classical singing lessons on the side. Art is an integral part of her life and she wants to share it with people, as well as her world perspective.

Currently, Ariane is also studying to become a natural cosmetic formulator, in the hopes of creating her own skincare brand. So far, she completed a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, a certificate in Stability Testing, and another certificate in Natural Cosmetic Preservation. She is currently doing an Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare, improving her skills as a natural cosmetic chemist.

In the future, Ariane hopes to write more articles as a journalist and publish her own work as an author.

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