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Collen Maenda is a professional media personality, writer, and journalist. He has worked in the civil service and as a freelance for over 15 years, creating content.

In addition to his work as a writer and Journalist. He has contributed to many social media platforms and his insights have been featured in articles by Bulawayo24 and others.

Collen Maenda holds a BA in Media studies from Zimbabwe Open University (2008) and a Professional Writing and Journalism diploma from INTEC College of South Africa [2002].

Soon after school he joined the civil service as a police officer and rose through the ranks to a senior post as an officer in charge of Administration, the post he currently holds.

He has also been involved with public relations, where he handled public relations affairs for over five years as Community Relations Liaison officer.

He has spent most of his time in the civil service where he was involved with investigations, training and administration of the staff under his section for a period spanning over 20 years.

He was involved in writing while in the civil service but on low-key issues due to the nature of his duties. He has been writing since immemorial, focusing mainly on sports and social issues. Wordsmithing stories that make an impact. Crafting narratives that move hearts and minds. After realising that sending information to other media organisations for publication was a challenge, he resorted to blogging.

His blog site focuses on Zimbabwe's sports and sports issues the situation now, problems bedevilling Zimbabwe sports and recommendations.

He is also into investigative journalism on cultural and social issues. He loves matters to do with renewable, green energy and resources for the future of mankind.

Colle Maenda was born in Zimbabwe. He is married with a family of three children, two girls and a boy. He is a sports fanatic and has been involved in sports since school. He loves going out and engaging in various sporting disciplines. He loves darts on a professional level and as a hobby.

Besides participating in sports, he has been involved in sports management at a professional level for over ten years. He is also a qualified sports administrator with a certificate in Sports Administration [2015] from Africa Region V.

He has been writing to various media organisations as a freelancer and has many articles which have been published on various online media platforms. These publications were mainly for sports issues. He believes in the power of media in changing and influencing lives. He believes in serving others, contributing to society, growing his expertise and learning new skills. He brings the cure for a troubled soul through words.

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