Christine Dodd
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Christine Dodd

I began my career after college, working as an intern and then later as a legislative assistant to Congressman Tom Sawyer from my home state of Ohio. Working in the House of Representatives was both intellectually rigorous and terribly exciting—a true privilege to serve the country. It was hard to leave this incredible opportunity, but I felt deep inside that I needed to enhance my love of law and policy, so I took some time off from law school. After practicing for a few years at some major firms, I knew it was time for me to return to Washington, DC, to resume my career in public policy. I returned to DC and became Congressman Sawyer's Legislative Director, then moved on to the U.S. Senate, serving as Legislative Director to Senator John McCain and Senator Lamar Alexander. I got to work on such interesting projects, from climate change to health care to foreign policy to education. I learned so much and worked with amazing people from all over the world. And most days, I really felt like I was making a difference.

My primary area of expertise has always been health policy. I was fortunate enough to be one of the original House staff writers of HIPAA for Congressman Sawyer, and I focused a lot on the Hill in working to help all Americans get access to affordable health care.

After leaving Capitol Hill, I went on to serve as a government relations executive at IBM, where I helped advance key components of the Affordable Care Act and managed labor issues in Japan. My father got ill with pancreatic cancer, and I returned to Ohio to help with things at home after a robust career in DC. After caregiving for my father, I saw firsthand the myriad challenges that caregivers face, so I decided to create a patient navigation business, Guide4Care. I still help patients navigate the often-byzantine U.S. healthcare system. I also consult for hospitals and healthcare providers across the country in the field of government and public relations and now reside near our nation’s capitol in Arlington, Virginia, with my fiancee, an accomplished photojournalist. We love being near the nation’s capitol and take advantage of both the excellent museums and the peaceful hiking trails.

I love to write articles and have published them in CoveyClub, Bustle, the Akron Beacon Journal, Crain's Cleveland, The Plain Dealer, MedCity News, and the Huff Post (Canada). I've also written two novels and am working on my third, a crime fiction thriller. In my free time, I love to read, particularly light beach romance novels, when traveling. I also love television, movies, hiking, planting flowers, and Pilates.

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