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Yasin Bray

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Yasin Bray is a law graduate eager and excited to make meaningful contributions to the field of law and academia, both on the domestic and international levels. He completed his Master’s degree in international law at the University of the Western Cape, with his main focus being on the legal regimes of International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and the international protection of Children’s Rights.

His academic pursuits have thus far focused primarily on the plights of children involved in armed conflicts around the world, with the nuances of speech and expression as a human right in the bargain. The academic piece central to the completion of his Master’s degree was an informative paper mapping out the juvenile age of criminal responsibility in armed conflicts and the practical implications of the applicative gaps existing within the international legal order as it relates to holding children responsible for crimes pertinent to war.

At present, Yasin is an aspiring researcher who is endeavouring to offer up both his theoretical knowledge of the relevant legal frameworks at play, as well as, his passion for safeguarding the interests of the most vulnerable groups around the world. This, along with his personal objective to improve as a writer, will inform the style and topical theme of his articles you can peruse on this platform. However, aside from his academic interests, Yasin has a deep-seated appreciation and obsession with video games, cinema and the art of storytelling. His genres of choice are typically in the realms of fantasy, science-fiction and gritty period pieces. His love for genuinely good story-telling is only matched by his self-inflicted need to complain and critique when writers, directors and producers befoul his most beloved movie and video game franchises.

In addition, Yasin is loyal to the sport of football, and not the American kind, which he is often immensely confused by. He is a loyal and passionate supporter of the English football club Manchester United since the days of his childhood, which only until recently has been one of the primary causes of an early-life onset of stress-induced anxiety. His passion for the sport, and for his beloved Red Devils, has enabled him to provide the meaningful ability to provide commentary on the current developments within the sport as a global enterprise and the tactical battles that occur both on and off the pitch.

As an author on this platform, readers will be able to find and enjoy his articles within the categories of Economy & Politics, Entertainment and Sport.

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