Daniel  Sparks
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Daniel Sparks

Daniel is a final-year university student whose passion for observing the happenings of the world around him has spawned a drive to travel and make unique memories. The observations of both the natural and manmade world are only as spectacular as people are willing to see them. Daniel strives to grow himself and his readers to view the world with this eyes-wide-open attitude and curiosity.

The dichotomies between the observations of the manmade world and the natural world are the two focal areas of Daniels's writings. The world of motorsports, economics and politics representing the chaos of ordered manmade creations while travelling the natural world creates a sense of serenity and unity with the earth.

The philosophy of Daniels's life is based on people having a definite lifespan with a common outcome the memories created are the only differentiating factors between a fulfilled and unfulfilled life. Despite the unpredictability of obstacles thrown in the way of goals, each moment in life will both open and close doors. Hence it is not necessary to know the outcome of every situation before it occurs but rather to continue to traverse the chaos with a sense of purpose and an unfaltering drive.

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