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Andrés Castellano Ballestero

Andrés Castellano Ballestero, is a Master in Mass Communication graduated from the Central University of Venezuela (Caracas). His life story is marked by dynamic energy and fervent dedication, reflecting an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of personal growth.

A considerable part of his professional career as a journalist, Andrés Castellano Ballestero covered different skills like editing, translation, media coordination, social media management, research, and data collection. His professional journey was dedicated to look into the intricacies of media dynamics and how consumers engage with information.

In February 2018, Andrés Castellano Ballestero migrated to Mexico from Venezuela because of the crisis in his country. Since Nicolás Maduro took over the government in 2013, the Caribbean country has been grappling with many troubles, emphasized by economic situations that still persist.

In mid-2020, Andrés Castellano Ballestero was awarded by three Venezuelan political institutions for his defense of freedom of expression in the South American country.

  • Courage and Professionalism (Mayor's Office of Chacao - June 2020).
  • Journalism Practice (National Assembly of Venezuela - June 2020).
  • The Right to Freedom of Expression (Venezuelan Parliamentary Group - July 2020).

Inspired by the challenges of Covid-19, Andrés Castellano Ballestero has embarked on a transformative journey, finding fulfillment in the role of an educator. In 2020 he changed his career and started to explore other professional areas.

After moving to Istanbul, Türkiye, he acquired two important certifications that qualify him as a Yoga Teacher, Meditation and Mindfulness Educator, and Breathing Instructor around the world. Furthermore, he also assumes roles as a Marathon Trainer and Speaker within the wellness field.

Andrés Castellano Ballestero serves as a Yoga instructor at Istanbul's first Yoga studio, and also has had the privilege of conducting sessions in different yoga studios around the world.

Andrés Castellano Ballestero has also conducted workshops in different countries about:

  • How To Unlock The Brain and Increase Intelligence?
  • Detox The Brain: 10 days program.
  • Mindfulness: 20 days program.
  • Holotropic Breathwork.
  • Improve Life: Breathing Techniques.

Andrés Castellano Ballestero has the opportunity to speak Spanish, English, French, Turkish and he started to learn Sanskrit.

A lover of nature, sports, culture, gastronomy, learning new things, an active reader and a fond of engaging in conversation, Andrés Castellano Ballestero shows a different way of appreciating human existence.

One of Andrés' greatest passions lies in travel and exploration. He consistently seizes opportunities to discover new destinations and engage with Yoga and Meditation communities worldwide.

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