Andrés Castellano  Ballestero
Joined WSI in February 2023
Andrés Castellano Ballestero

A Venezuelan journalist who graduated from the Central University of Venezuela (Caracas) with a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication specializing in the creation and management of written, visual, radio and digital media content.

Much of his working career was dedicated to understanding the media and its influence on society.

In February 2018, Andrés Castellano Ballestero migrated to Mexico from Venezuela because of the systemic crisis in his country.

The crisis in the Caribbean country has been going through since 2013, when Nicolás Maduro took over the government and inherited a troubled economy that is still operating today.

In mid-2020, Andrés Castellano Ballestero was awarded by three Venezuelan political institutions for his defense of freedom of expression in the South American country through journalistic praxis.
- Courage and Professionalism (Mayor's Office of Chacao - June 2020).
- Journalism Practice (National Assembly of Venezuela - June 2020).
- The right to Freedom of Expression (Venezuelan Parliamentary Group - July 2020).

Andrés Castellano Ballestero has different skills including editing, translating, coordinating, social media, research, and data collector.

After the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Andrés Castellano Ballestero has discovered a new passion in his life that leads him to explore new chapters; teaching others has become his new task.

For more than a year, Andrés Castellano Ballestero has worked as a trainer for marathon runners and in general, a yoga teacher, meditation, breathing coach and speaker on health and wellness workshops.

Andrés Castellano Ballestero has conducted workshops such as: - How To Unlock Your Brain and Increase Intelligence? - Detox Your Brain: 10 days program. - How To Achieve Your New Year's Resolution - Holotropic Breathwork.

These workshops have been taught to people around the world starting in Mexico City.

A lover of nature, sports, culture, gastronomy, learning new things, a traveler without borders, an active reader, and a fond of engaging in conversation, Andrés Castellano Ballestero shows a different way of appreciating human existence.

More information about his work can be found on his personal website.

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