Erin  Dochi
Joined WSI in February 2023
Erin Dochi

I am a third-year undergraduate English student and like to keep an open mind about all kinds of literature. I am fascinated by current affairs and I think it is imperative to stay updated on what goes on in the world. I enjoy playing sports, especially netball, and hockey.

However, my favourite type of literature is poetry, I enjoy reading and writing it. My favourite poets are Maya Angelou and Margeret Atwood and they have both inspired me.

Maya Angelou was never afraid to express her opinions and was a fierce advocate for the youth and women's rights. Margeret Atwood is regarded as a great feminist by many women and is renowned for her compelling tales and perceptive portrayals of the world.

I am fascinated by current affairs, specifically politics because it is a crucial aspect of daily life and has the potential to affect every aspect of our society.

I love to play sports, specifically netball, and hockey, and I have been playing for ten years. My love for fashion began to grow in 2020, during the pandemic when I had a lot of time to experiment and reinvent my look.

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