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Lorenza Ronzano

I was born in Alessandria, where I actually live with my family.

I hold a Laurea in Letters and a Masters degree in Contemporary Philosophy from the University of Turin, have professional experience teaching the humanities in public and private secondary schools, and for three years have worked as an Existential Therapist for the psychiatric ward of the public hospital of Alessandria, Italy.

In 2014 I debuted with the novel Zolfo (Sulfur), which was a finalist in Italy for the prestigious national Campiello Opera Prima and Alvaro prizes. I presented my first novel Zolfo to audiences in Turin for the Salone Internazionale del Libro in 2015 with my translator Anne Greeott. Anne and I worked closely both via email and in person on the translation of Zolfo and rough material for my second novel Il Buon Auspicio(The Good Omen).

I have been closely mentored and promoted by one of today’s most original Italian novelists, Antonio Moresco.

In 2019, I published La Variabile umana, an essay that validates and dignifies the experience of people diagnosed with schizophrenia and other mental disorders.

My work has appeared in the journals World Literature Today, Wall Street International, Il primo amore, Minima&Moralia, and La poesia e lo spirito.

I currently work with the Prosecutor’s Office (Milan, Italy) as a Psychological Consultant.

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