Saranya  Mahadevan
Joined Meer in January 2023
Saranya Mahadevan

I grew up watching my mother read magazines to pass time. I saw her flipping the colourful printed papers which made her laugh, sigh and sometimes cry. For the little girl that I was, those pages were a portal to another world, where our realities held no leverage.

Watching my mother indulge in the world of words made me want to read as well. One thing led to another. Reading probed me to write, and writing turned into my passion, profession, and currently my business. Completed my post-graduation in mass communication and journalism in 2017 and worked as a content writer for 6 years before starting Copy Brewing, a new-age content company.

Over the years of working as a writer in different advertising and marketing companies, I garnered the experience of collaborating with several top-shelf brands and MNCs, exploring the vast and intricate world of creative and corporate communication.

The world lies wide ahead with several labyrinths for me to choose from. But one path is loud, lit, and clear; that of a writer. And writing is not an art anyone can perfect. Every day, there’s something new to try, a new word, a new phrase and for the rest of my life, I shall try to better myself. One article at a time.

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