Emilie Thoudal  Christiansen
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Emilie Thoudal Christiansen

Emilie Thoudal Christiansen was born in southern Copenhagen, on the island of Amager, and grew up with a lingering feeling of unfulfilled potential. After a 6th grade English teacher told her she had a natural talent for the language and for its many accents, she focused her entire attention on developing her English and her writing.

She followed her passions all the way to university, graduating in January of 2022 with a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Copenhagen. Her areas of academic specialty includes British literature, media studies, non-fictional and fictional creative writing. She has taken additional courses in English grammar, gender studies, and film studies. Her university experience also included an exchange programme at Goldsmiths University in South East London, where she studied History for a semester.

She wrote her Bachelor’s thesis on the Hero’s Journey template by Joseph Campbell, in relation to the Marvel films Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Her Master’s dissertation centered on cinematic adaptations of Romeo and Juliet, focusing on how the themes of love and war are adapted in West Side Story and Romeo + Juliet in relation to their contemporary settings.

Throughout her life, Emilie has had many hobbies and passions, but she has consistently been an avid storyteller, both as a writer and an actress. She’s acted in amateur theatre productions since the age of 6 and has written poetry and fiction for most of her life. In her late adolescence, she began accompanying her father and older sister to football matches and developed an intense love for the sport.

Emilie currently works in sports media, as a content writer, translator and subtitler for one of Denmark’s biggest TV production companies. She dreams of continuing in sports media as a producer or writer, whilst publishing her written stories to the world, and hopes to one day move to London, a city she has been in love with since first visiting at the age of 14.

Her primary topic of interest is sports and entertainment, but she also writes about culture, travel and wellness.

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