Tejasv Kumar

Tejasv Kumar was born in India and raised in cross-continental environments including India, Africa and the Middle East. Through his early years, he cultivated a hunger for new experiences and a need to explore. This was instilled greatly by his family and the wonders of social media.

He pursued his higher studies at a prestigious university doing a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering and a Master's in Data Science and Visualization.

Having worked in a multitude of industries such as banking, retail, education, entertainment, advertising, tourism, healthcare, and e-commerce; he gained an insight into human behaviour.

Reading long textual content is usually despised. Instead, visual content with a form of human personification is preferred. To address this, he delves into incorporating his linguistic fascinations with visual appreciation. He contributes as an editor and writer and aims to create a bridge between data and expression for brands across the globe.

Tejasv enjoys writing poetry and prose, indulging in ideas from across the globe to create meanings and expressions for a myriad of audiences. These can be found in anthologies under the guise of “From a higher place” under his personal website.

In his free time, Tejasv can be found playing a tune on his guitar or penning a new piece on his laptop.

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