Carolina Apicella
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Carolina Apicella

Born and raised in the Tigullio region of Liguria, in Sestri Levante, with the mountains behind and the sea in front of me, right from high school I felt the need for wider spaces and became passionate about international politics and journalism. I moved to Milan to study foreign languages, with the aim of getting to know different cultures to better understand global dynamics, and I put myself to the test with the Russian language. Between a winter Erasmus in Siberia and a volunteering experience in Brazilian favelas, my curiosity to discover the world grows year after year, and after a master's degree in European and International Politics, even Milan starts to get to me.

I found myself by chance and by necessity in Brussels, in the heart of Europe, where I worked for two years with and within the European institutions, first as a Policy Assistant for my university's liaison office, then as a researcher in the European Parliament, where I supported the Committee on Civil Liberties in the management of dossiers on migration, human rights and the rule of law in Europe.

I then discovered the need to feel useful and gain hands on experience on what I had only seen on paper, and I flew to Warsaw to contribute to the reception and integration of Ukrainian refugees, managing projects for a local NGO.

There I realize that I want to direct my career towards the humanitarian sector, fighting at an institutional level for policies that offer support to the weakest and contribute to reducing inequalities. I find a home in all the places I settle, but every now and then I need to return to where I started. An avid reader since primary school, I buy more books than I can read, I try to learn photography, I go walking as soon as I can.

I write about everything since I can remember, to focus on the things I see and so that others don't miss them. Over the years the dream of doing journalism has not faded, and I try to keep it alive with courses, newsletters for friends and occasional collaborations.

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