Racheal  Adewunmi Lasisi
Joined Meer in October 2022
Racheal Adewunmi Lasisi

Racheal Adewunmi Lasisi has over 10 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry.

Her interest in the health and wellness industry came to the limelight during the covid 19 pandemic situation.

Since then she has been an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and has been able to gather over 300 women in her country and put up a monthly free class where she educates them since 2021.

This passion has grown into making her take some courses related to health and wellness.

She is free-spirited, a writer and lover of books, keen to see the health of women around her preserved and nurtured.

Her interest in writing and graphic design are powerful skills she is using now to share her stories and testimonies.

She has some books presently on Amazon while her love for graphic design is making her translate some travel histories into art.

She has been invited to many podiums to talk about Mental Health and Women Health related topics since 2021.

She currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria where she obtained her degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Benin and digressed into the travel industry, and obtained IATA Certificates.

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