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Ijaz Ahmad

I am Ijaz Ahmad, a graduate of English literature. I enjoy writing, it gives me satisfaction, peace of mind, and a lot of joy. I am a content creator, I cover topics on Wellness, Economy, Politics, Science & Technology, and Entertainment.

I believe writing, is a very critical and delicate skill, which needs Passion, Absorption, Involvement, commitment, and most of all Honesty. I am a builder, words are my bricks, I write an article with the interest of a child who makes a little house with sand on a seashore.

I believe life is a script, which is written by God. You may call it fate, luck, etc., but infect it’s a very well-written script. A person has an illusion that he plans his tasks on the basis of his observations and knowledge. He executes his plans according to his own timelines and will. But infect he is wrong. He just acts on the plans of God. The plans are well written, well thought out, and very well staged by God. Everyone is doing his role according to the Will of the greatest writer, God.

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