Michael Lee

Like most millennial writers who spend far too much time isolated and alone while rapidly tapping away on their laptops, Michael Lee has lent his candid style of writing to a variety of digital and print publications and has seen his articles read, shared, and retweeted as he shares his views and opinions on politics to pop culture and everything else in-between.

A locally produced Londoner who has since fled the overpriced cappuccinos and cramped conditions of the capital to live the serene country life, Michael finds his inspiration in taking long walks in the picturesque setting of the English countryside while desperately trying to avoid dog poo.

In 2020, Michael Lee released his debut novel Politically Single.

Politically Single tells the story of a conservative singleton in a politically hostile society when even whom you date can have political repercussions.

In 2022, Michael would release his next instalment of anti-wokery.

The A To Z Of Wokery - The No-Nonsense Guide To Everything Wrong With Woke is an alphabetical analysis and laughable diagnosis of the insanity and absurdity of the woke ideology and its many inconsistencies and discrepancies, one letter and nonsensical notion at a time.

Michael Lee is a writer, conservative and self-proclaimed political parodist who vehemently rejects the madness of wokery and political correctness that in recent years has spiralled out of control and into the realms of lunacy.

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