Mariem El Abbassi

Born in the beautiful city of Tetouan, Mariem is a young Moroccan soul who comes from a modest, loving household.

For Mariem, languages were an introduction to writing and its beauty. Growing up, she developed a strong interest in them. Writing in three languages—Arabic, French, and English—she believes that words from the heart can speak directly to the soul and that writing is a form of healing.

She obtained her master’s degree in Business law in 2018 and joined a multinational corporation where she occupies the position of legal counsel. Besides her law career, Mariem is a person who is very active and likes to create change around her. Through her studies, she was an active member of the international entrepreneurship organization Enactus. She continued to be an active member of this worldwide organization for four years, during which she learned a lot of notions about entrepreneurship and management. She also takes part in volunteer work whenever she finds the opportunity.

Furthermore, Art is also a great interest and passion for Mariem that she expresses through her paintings, which you can view on her Instagram art page, along with the video creation she recently began by starting a YouTube channel called Marishu.

Mariem thinks that all humans have incredible, unique stories to tell, and she is thrilled to share some of her own with the Meer community.

Articles by Mariem El Abbassi

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