Sophie Wynne
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Sophie Wynne

Born in England, Sophie is a Biological Sciences graduate and writer. She believes that the most beautiful things in this world are words. They do more than help us communicate, they create the basis of science and fiction, amongst many other things. Since a child, she has been encapsulated by the power they hold. When crafted delicately, they can create the most enchanting books, the sort of book that haunts you into the following day. When sorted carefully, it is words that describe life changing scientific break throughs, which will change lives to unimaginable extents. Somewhere between her love of science and literature, her passion for scientific writing was born. Only when she is crafting a piece of writing on a scientific discovery, so that it is accessible to everyone, is she happy. She believes that human biology should be available to all, in a way that is captivating and inspiring.

Sophie has graduated from Aston University, Birmingham with a first-class degree in Biological Sciences (BSc). This is where her love for biology was created. The vast array of knowledge and questions surrounding her was addictive, leaving her wanting to find out more. She was immediately drawn to the areas which humans do not understand yet, dreaming about the discoveries we are yet to make. She has a specific interest in microbiology, immunology, and human disease. Each area has its own detailed set of information, but they all intertwine wonderfully to form the basis of modern science. She has written a research paper on the use of mesenchymal stem cells to treat cardiovascular disease for her project and is fascinated by the power of the body.

Whilst her love for scientific writing is ever present, Sophie has just as much passion for fiction. Fiction provides an escape that nothing else can. Whether it be Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’ or John Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’, each contains a world as unique as the next. There is nothing she loves more than submerging into the open arms of a great novel, constantly learning from what each author has to offer.

Sophie has dedicated herself to the writing of her second book, which is a fictional novel detailing the adventures of a young woman finding her feet in the adult world – albeit in an unconventional way. It is a story of both love and tragedy, detailing how the two are intrinsically linked. Through her writing, she can express her emotions honestly and make the reader question the nature of morality.

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